The London Gala Ball

The London Gala Ball

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Time Table

The London Gala Ball

Running Order

Running order for 9 April 2022

8am Doors Open

9am Ballroom Single Dances

10.15am Ballroom 3-Dance Scholarship

10.50am Ballroom 5-Dance Scholarship

11.50am Ballroom Awards

12.10pm Smooth Single Dances

1pm Smooth 3-Dance Scholarship

1.30pm Smooth 4-Dance Scholarship

2pm Smooth Awards

2.30pm Latin Single Dances

3.45pm Latin 3-Dance Scholarship

4.45pm Latin 5-Dance Scholarship

5pm Latin Awards

7pm Doors open for the Evening Gala

7.30pm Fun Dance Class

8pm Dinner is served

9pm Pro-Am Show Dance Competition 1st group

  1. Youmna Nahas & Bradley Taylor L
  2. Christiana Boath & Krystof Grzelak L
  3. Anoushka Seneviratne & Gigo Koguashvili B
  4. Yu Chai & Bradley Taylor L

Professional show by Roman Sukhomlyn & Olga Gandembul.

10.10pm Pro-Am Show Dance Competition 2nd group

  1. Gordon Banner & Anastasia Shea B
  2. Christina Katsikides & Bradley Taylor L
  3. Christine Schneider & Samuele Pugliese B

Professional show by Gigo Koguashvili & Viktoriya Wilton.

11.05 Raffle Draw and Show Dance Awards

12.00 Carriages

*Please note, the times are approximate and competitors are strongly advised to be ready 15min before their heats.



The London Gala Ball