The London Gala Ball

The London Gala Ball

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The Charity


Supporting Ukrainian people suffering from the Russian War

As well as some beautiful dancing, tonight’s event is also about the awareness and support of the people who have been suffering in the hardship of the war. There have been many news on this subject recently and we all know of the unfair and devastating disaster Ukrainian people are facing these days.
This charity was founded after the first armed conflict of Doneck and Lugansk regions in Eastern Ukraine 8 years ago from the Russian invaders.
These days British and Ukrainian Aid are doing remarkable work with refugees in England, Poland, Romania and other countries who are kindly offering their homes to Ukrainian families.
The organisation is helping with medical supplies, food, clothes and any other humanitarian help for Ukrainian people in and outside the country.
They also take an active role in organising demonstrations around London in support of this urgent cause.
The charity is run by volunteers only, which means your donations won’t be wasted onto salaries and will be directed to people in need.

If you want to learn more about the charity and donate, please check their website

British Ukrainian Aid